Bespoke software

Development Methodology

Your new custom software solution must support your commercial objectives and accommodate your plans for growth. To achieve this, we make sure every one of our team develops a deep understanding of your business. Typically, there are a number of key stages in any implementation:

Stage 1. The Concept Phase

Firstly, you'll get to know Codespinner how we work, what we can offer and if we're right for your business. At the same time, we learn about you: your business objectives and how this solution will help to achieve them. We'll establish together whether a project is viable - and we'll also give you a broad indication of what it might cost.

Next, we'll involve the people who will create your solution: the project manager and software developers. They'll learn about your business processes and suggest ways that a solution might underpin them. We'll recommend ways of creating an application that best suits how you work and will maximise your return on investment.

Stage 2. The Requirements Phase

Then we'll draw up a discussion document outlining project objectives, functionality and processes, timescales, and a closer estimation of cost. Through an iterative process, this is refined into a specification: detailed enough for us to agree but flexible enough to allow for the changes which are inevitable as the implementation progresses.

For your peace of mind, we'll then draw up a fixed-cost proposal. This includes a project plan with agreed timescales and milestones throughout the development cycle.

Stage 3. The Development Phase

Your involvement will continue as your application is developed. You'll meet regularly with the Project Manager and the development team to review progress. Together, we'll be able to identify any changes or problem areas in good time and, as early as practicable, you'll be able to see your application grow on the Web.

Stage 4. The Implementation Phase

Testing continues throughout the project, using our proven quality assurance tools and methods. We'll deliver the application for further acceptance testing and for dual running with your existing system, if there is one.

Stage 5. Support & Aftercare

With any system, there's a period of 'bedding in'. The system will only go live when you're completely happy. You'll then be handed over to our support department, who'll be on-hand whenever you need help. Thus another successful project is completed, on time and to your satisfaction.