Bespoke software

CodeSpinner Quality System


  • Project plan
    The project plan defines clearly how the project is going to be managed to ensure an on-time, high quality delivery of the agreed function, and to provide a basis to allow management of change throughout the course of the development process.

  • Test plan
    Testing is usually carried out in several phases. The test plan defines the overall strategy for testing (i.e., what testing is to be done and in what phases), and the details of the testing performed in each phase.

  • Technical review
    The technical review phases ensure the technical accuracy of functional specifications, designs, code and other similar deliverables. The technical review process provides the key mechanism by which quality of the project deliverables is assured.


  • Version control
    The CQS version control process provides a mechanism for identifying, controlling and tracking the various versions of electronic files used during the lifetime of a project (e.g., source code, specification documents etc.).

  • Defect tracking
    Defect tracking allows us to monitor the quality of our developments. This provides benefits both in terms of (a) identification of components showing high defect levels, indicating quality problems and the need for investigative action; and (b) identification of components with unusually low defect levels, indicating a possibly deficiency in review or testing.

CQS - implementation