Bespoke software

CodeSpinner Quality System


  • Functional specification
    The functional specification defines clearly the functions of the product prior to performing the design and later stages of implementation.

  • Code
    The purpose of the code phase is to produce consistent, maintainable code that implements the design and functional specification. The code phase covers not just executable code, but all other manually created machine-readable files which do not go through any other review process (e.g., text for error logs, help messages etc.).

  • Testing and rollout
    Unit test - The purpose of unit test is to check a single component in isolation to validate that it performs its specific function correctly.

  • Functional verification test
    The purpose of functional verification test is to check that a product conforms fully to its functional specification.


  • System test
    System testing examines a broad range of product behaviour in a variety of operating conditions and environments.

  • Release
    The release process ensures that deliveries to customers are complete and include enough information for the customer to use the delivery effectively.

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