Bespoke software

Support Services

As well as first class custom software development, Codespinner provide a first class support services, our dedicated team of developers and support staff support a wide range of customers with varying needs.

We provide excellent support for systems that we developed for our own customers, but are also happy to support a business with support for systems developed by a third party (where source code is available).

Pricing models

Codespinner have a comprehensive support infrastructure that can be tailored to our customers' specific requirements. We provide an agreed level of service which typically depends on the extent to which the software is mission critical to the business, and is costed accordingly.

Support arrangements may include any of the following.
  • Time-and-materials support during UK office hours.

  • An agreed level of support, including defined response and resolution SLA's according to severity of problems, provided at a fixed cost per month or per annum.

  • A full 24x7 support package for business-critical services.

Our support engineers are trained to think around any reported issues and will suggest solutions to incidents that take long term maintainability and business usage of the system into account rather than just focussing narrowly on resolving the incident at hand.

Our high-quality development services are also available to extend and improve supported systems, as required.

Codespinner's emphasis on pro-active, responsive support processes removes business risk, improves system quality and reduces ongoing support costs over time.